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…packs more uneasiness in just over ten minutes that many modern horror features do in two hours.


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Jennifer Nicole Stang delivers a beautiful dark fairy tale that will haunt your dreams. 



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My nerves were rattled in the right ways, as the film’s cringing violin score, dark lighting, and foreshadowing framing created an atmosphere heavy with horrific nostalgia. 


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This a well crafted film that appeals to all of your senses and delivers a horror swag to top it off.


Fern TV

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Overall [...] this fine-looking, well-acted, and well-paced short whets the appetite for a full-length dive into the story of its title character.

Gruesome Magazine

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Offering up a chilling and intriguing spin on the Pied Piper, Stang has crafted a creepy little tale that deserves a feature film expansion.


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The only thing we didn’t like is that there isn’t more to see. This would make a fantastic full-length film, and we hope that it happens.

Midnight Horror Show

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From beginning to end THE WHISTLER had a chilling atmosphere and I loved the story. It was unique and utterly creepy. One that is worthy of a full feature but also works perfect as a short. It had beautiful cinematography with top notch makeup and special effects.

Creepy Kingdom

podcasts & Interviews

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[...] nothing can really encapsulate the mood of the film. It is atmospheric and mysterious, which is often easier to see than describe.

1428 Elm

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The film gives its take on the classic horror trope of “babysitting gone wrong” and presents a villain that delivers.

Geek Hard

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 Audiences will discover more with a full feature presentation, what Jennifer Nicole Stang presents now is a redefining Horror short.

Decay Mag

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In its true sense, ‘The Whistler’ is a well-defined film that is guaranteed to terrify all its viewers. 

Occhi Magazine

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Solid little fairy tale worth seeing. Another feature worthy tale with incredible visuals.

Unseen Films

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 Definitely great work by Stang and team to address themes of virginity/purity along with adult responsibilities. 

Hye's Musings

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I’m always intrigued in a premise with an origin to unveil, and Stang’s latest venture has just that. 

Adam The Movie God

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{...] the sum of its parts definitely makes this one a short that I’d recommend.

Tranquil Dreams

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Absolutely must see. Chilling, shocking, and fantastically made.

Dead Celluloid

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For a short The Devil's Snare is powerful and dark. Two thumbs up to Jennifer Nicole Stang.

The Film Guide

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