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Short Films


Includes The Dream Series (The Lake, The Desert, The Clouds, The Gipsy), Prohibited, The Devil's Snare, and Sword Play.

The Dream Series

A web series that explores the messages and meanings within dreams.


Official Selection, Raindance Web Fest, 2014

Official Selection, MIami Web Fest, 2014


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Los Angeles, 1922. Prohibition reigns supreme in a town where a good man is hard to find.


Winner, Indie Fest Award, 2013

Official Selections, AADA film festival, 2013

The Devil's Snare

An encounter with the Devil.


Award of Merit, Best Shorts Competition, 2012

Official Claw Award Nominee, Best Actor, Terror Film Festival, 2013

Official Claw Award Nominee, Best Short Film Screenplay, Terror Film Festival, 2013

Official Claw Award Nominee, Best Sound Design, Terror Film Festival, 2013

Best Actor Nominee, Eerie Horro Film Festival, 2013

Official Selection, ShockFest, 2014

Official Selection, Fright Night Film Fest, 2013

Official Selection, Los Angeles Fear & Fantasy Film Festival, 2013

Sword Play

Michael Harris, an agent for MI6, tries to convince Elizabeth Myles to return to active service. But will she accept her reinstatement, and face the memory that haunts her?


Official Selection, Action on Film Festival, 2014

Official Selection, Los Angeles Reel Film Festival, 2014

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